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  • Your concerns
    1. You are an internation group setting up a subsidiary or branch in France
    2. You are a French branch or subsidiary of a foreign company
    3. You need assistance from a French chartered accountant who speaks English and can manage administrative concerns between your French subsidiary and the parent company (in terms of accounting, payroll, tax plans, …)

We can answer your business issues.

Our experience with international customers (subsidiaries or branches) has enabled us to develop a service offer adapted to meet your specific needs.

  • Our answers
    1. Accounting
      1. Book keeping
      2. Complete outsourcing
      3. Financial statements (annual, reporting…)
      4. Consolidated financial statements (French GAAP or IFRS)
      5. Restatement of French statements in compliance with the foreign GAAP
    2. Administrative
      1. Preparation of customer invoices
      2. Cash monitoring and preparation of invoices for payment
    3. Payroll
      1. Complete outsourcing
      2. Pay slips
      3. Employment contracts
      4. Expatriates
      5. Other (reporting…)
    4. Tax compliance
      1. Our knowledge of the French tax systems enables us to give you an understanding of the issues you might face.
        1. VAT forms
        2. Income tax forms
        3. Tax audit assistance
    5. Reporting
      1. Budget
      2. Group reporting
      3. Monthly reporting
    6. Legal
      1. Company formation : advice on optimal legal structure, registration
      2. Articles of association
      3. General meetings
      4. Valuation
    7. Statutory & contractual audit
      1. Statutory audit (in compliance to the International Standards of Auditing)
      2. Internal control
      3. Due diligence, mergers..

For specific tax and legal advices, we work in team with specialized lawyers.

We look forward to assisting you !