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A cross-disciplinary service offer

Our unique service offer adapts to each of our clients’ growth profiles.

  • High-growth companies, outsource your accounting and auditing functions with us. 
  • SMI-SME, our traditional missions will fit your needs.
  • Over 400 clients with different backgrounds rely on us. Why not you?

Closeness / Dynamism

Why us

  • A cross-disciplinary team with 16 people and 4 certified accountants.
  • A wide network of external consultants specialized in the following fields: legal, financial, retirement provision. 
  • A genuinely personal relationship based on trust and availability.
  • An easy-to-use, round-the-clock digital channel of communication, token of transparency.


Paris Region


  • The Paris office is a member of the Paris Ile-de-France Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ordre des experts-comptables de la région Paris Ile-de-France) and the Versailles regional company of statutory auditors (Compagnie régionale des commissaires aux comptes de Versailles).
  • The Loire-Atlantique office is a member of the Pays-de-Loire Order of certified accountants (Ordre des experts-comptables de la région Pays de Loire).
  • Missions are conducted in compliance with the code of professional ethics and ensured where necessary by specialized consultants.